Distributors of medical and electromedical items in the ophthalmology sector.

BIOTEK SRL has been distributing medical and electromedical items in the ophthalmology sector for more than twenty years. Thanks to a commercial policy based on quality and efficiency and a highly qualified team, the company is able to offer a range of high-tech and always cutting-edge products.
BIOTEK is today the leader in the distribution of instruments for diagnosis and surgery in Puglia and Basilicata and exclusive distributor for the national market of the best partners in the ophthalmological field.

Information and Quality

We work with the best companies in the sector by continuously informing ourselves about the news and avant-garde of our current and future partners.

Payments and Security

Our company provides various safe and reliable payment methods such as operating rental, consignment and exchange.

Courtesy and Simplicity

Our staff is always ready to satisfy the requests of its customers, advising them on the choice of the product that best suits their needs.

Delivery and Reliability

Our (TNT-GLS) Global courier, reliable and safe, allows you to know the route of the shipment through a code.


Vincenzo Petruzzi
Aldo Petruzzi
(Direttore amministrativo e finanziario)
Giorgia Petruzzi
(Direttore marketing e corporate communications)
Fabio Scatigna
(Direttore commerciale)
Alessio Amara
(Responsabile area tecnica)
Giacomo Vellucci
(Commerciale area Basilicata)
Mattia Mingolla
(Commerciale area Brindisi/Lecce)
Marco Lorusso
(Responsabile back office-ordini)
Cosima Manca
(Area amministrazione e contabilità)
Luca Allegrezza
Alessio Mezzapesa


Biotek Srl is currently a limited liability company but its establishment dates back to 1993, in the form of a partnership.

Biotek Srl was born in 1993, from the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder, Mr. Vincenzo Petruzzi, who as a sales representative has the opportunity to get to know the various private and public customers in the Taranto area, such as the various private clinics, hospital surgeries and homes of care. Just with the “ASL” and private clinics, there is an intensification of commercial relations. In a short time, the President, sole director of the company, gained a fruitful experience in the sector, from clinics to outpatient clinics up to the real professionals of the sector. In this way he develops and increases his know-how, reaching the classrooms of universities and research laboratories.

What differentiates Biotek srl from other competitors in the sector in a short time is a commercial activity based on three main characteristics:

– human capital, a fundamental value for the company,
– the reality of small and medium enterprises;
– the continuous search for new products to diversify the company portfolio.

In 2000 Biotek became a limited liability company. In a short time the company develops considerably and attracts the capital of other companies.

Today, the success as well as the future of the company are the result of a solid and efficient synergy between the human resources that make it up.
In fact, the company has a reliable commercial network developed throughout the regional and national territory, to which is added the possibility of exploiting three different sales channels, public tenders, negotiations with private companies and the various professionals and contact specialists in the sector. , which increase development opportunities and results for the future.
The daily work inside the offices is carried out by an equally reliable and efficient administrative structure which, supported by the staff dedicated to communication and corporate marketing, guarantee and increase the company’s visibility and reputation.
The reliability and safety of the services offered is then based on a qualified technical assistance center close to the customer for every need.

In fact, the Biotek assistance center regularly follows training courses to keep up-to-date on products and market news. All this means that Biotek technicians are a point of reference for any advice or clarification from the final consumer.
With more than twenty years of experience, Biotek Srl is at the top of its sector of expertise. It is one of the leading companies in the ophthalmological field for the distribution of healthcare and parapharmaceutical products and electromedical equipment for diagnosis and surgery, with an ever attentive eye towards new sectors and business opportunities.